Install DCli

To get started with DCli you first need to install Dart and optionally the DCli tools.

If you just want to use the DCli library then you don't need to install the DCli tools.

There are three methods for installing Dart and the DCli tools.

Option 1) Use DCli library from your project

If you only want to use the DCli library then you can add DCli to your pubspec.yaml as you would any other package.

cd /my/dart/project
dart pub add dcli

Option 2) Install Dart/DCli

Start by installing Dart as per:

Install Dart from:

If you want to use the DCli tools, including Shebang (#!) support you need to globally activate DCli.

Now activate the DCli tools:

dart pub global activate dcli
dcli install

Option 3) Install Dart/DCli

This is still a work in progress but is intended to provide a three-line script to install Dart and the DCli tools.

chmod +x dcli_install
sudo ./dcli_install

Install VSCode

You can use virtually any editor to create DCli scripts but we use and recommend Visual Studio Code (vscode) with the Dart-Code plugin.

Install Visual Studio Code from:

Now install the vs code extension for Dart - Dart Code:

Install Dart-Code from:

We use and recommend the following additional vscode extensions:

  • Dart-Code.flutter

  • dart-import

  • pubspec-assist

  • vscode-browser-preview

  • bracket-pair-colorizer

  • LogFileHighlighter

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