Detecting Docker

The DCli api allows you to detect if you are running in a Docker container


DCli has the ability to detect which shell (bash, powershell, zsh etc) that you are running under.

If you DCli app is used as the Docker ENTRYPOINT then your parent won't be a shell.

In this case calling Shell.current will return a DockerShell:

DockerShell shell = Shell.current;

Attributes of DockerShell.

  • shell name is 'docker'

  • loggedInUser = 'root'

  • isPrivilegedUser will always be true

Detecting if you are running in a Docker

Using DockerShell to detect if you are in a Docker container is not reliable as in some circumstances you DCli app will be run from within a standard shell (bash etc) within Docker

Instead use:

if (DockerShell.inDocker)
    /// do something docker

This method looks for the presence of /.dockerenv which Docker guarantee will exist.

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